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Thought Leadership


Striking the Balance: Interesting Governance, Recruitment and Retention

In this paper Ken Lloyd discusses the importance of investing in governor retention and how the role can be enhanced to reduce governor turnover.


Networking for Clerks

Does the idea of networking fill you with dread? You are not alone! Tony Lee explores the idea of networking and how clerks can make sure they don't become isolated.


Should the curriculum drive the budget or the budget drive the curriculum?

For headteachers and governors there is a fine line between balancing the budget and sustaining an enriched and fit-for-purpose curriculum enabling the best outcomes for pupils. Michelle Williams looks at integrated curriculum and financial planning.


Preparing for Ofsted Inspections

Ofsted will scrutinise the contribution of the Governing Board to school improvement so there are some key questions you should be prepared to answer...are you confident you can answer them all?


School Makers - The Role of Governors?

In this article, Ken Lloyd outlines the importance of setting clear expectations of our volunteer governors.


10 Top Tips for New Governors

Becoming a Governor can be a daunting experience, these top tips can help support you in your new role.


The School Vision

In this article, Mary Gale attempts to unravel the first aspect surrounding ‘clarity of vision’ and the information needed to support a school vision in being clear.


Governor Wellbeing

Fiona Stagg, a National Leader of Governance takes a different approach to the issue of governor wellbeing.


Networking Matters – the role of networking in good governance

Fiona Stagg, a National Leader of Governance shares how networking is one the many tools by which governors can demonstrate that they are committed to their own development. Networking takes many forms and has many benefits.


Financial Governance

Michelle Williams, Head of School Finance at Entrust talks about the role Governors have in the management of school finance