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Thought Leadership


Holding to Account – the role and purpose of the Headteacher's Report

This think-piece considers how governors can influence the content of the headteacher's report and how they can use the report more effectively in terms of challenge and support; thereby supporting wellbeing and reducing workload.


Continuing Professional Development (CPD for governors)

This short article offers some ‘hints and tips’ to help focus both the board and individual on managing self-review and development.


The Nolan Principles and School Governance

The seven Nolan principles have stood the test of time and are as vital today as they were when first published. Here's how they apply to school governance.


Spinning the plates – managing your time and workload when clerking multiple schools.

Ideas for keeping those clerking plates spinning when working across multiple schools/academies, all with different requirements but similar meeting schedules! 


Headteachers Standards - What Governors Ought to Know

Our article highlights the relevance of the Headteachers’ Standards, the latest iteration of which was published in the last few months by the Department for Education.


Reading the Room - how to involve everyone on the governing board in virtual meetings

Some Chairs like to be able to see everybody around the virtual table whilst others don't mind if cameras are off. If everybody is routinely ‘camera off’ how do you they are listening and that your meeting is confidential?


A Stitch in Time – quick tips for clerks for quality assuring minutes

Some useful tips for clerks on quality assuring their own minutes.


New Governor? Preparing for your first meeting

When you get your first set of meeting papers it can be overwhelming - there is a lot to read. But our guide to preparing for your first meeting will put your mind at rest.


What to Do When a Governor Resigns

There comes a time in every governor's and trustee's governing life when they decide, for whatever reason, to hang up their governing spurs. This short article looks at some of the steps which need to be taken in the event of a resignation.


Maintained Schools - Instrument of Government (IoG): Guidance for new clerks

This briefing note outlines some of the considerations and actions that boards must take into consideration if they want to change or amend their instrument of government.