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Thought Leadership


Dealing with Grief

Whilst grief is a normal and natural reaction to loss, the recent Lockdown may have heightened such feelings particularly if a bereavement has been the result of COVID-19. Lisa Richards explains what can Governors do to help.


How do you know?

How do you know? is one of the most powerful questions in governance. This article takes a very strategic look at how we can unpick the How Do You Know question.


The Board as a Corporate Body

Does your Board understand what it means to be a ‘Corporate Entity’? This is something which can often be overlooked during induction processes. Read on for more...


Governor Induction - make sure your new governors get the support they need.

New governor starting? Andy Chell looks at an ideal induction to ensure your new governor gets off to a flying start.


Hints and Tips for Virtual Meetings

By the time you read this you may have participated in your first virtual governance meeting. For those of you new to virtual meetings, this article, by Fiona Stagg, offers some useful guidance on how to make the most of a virtual meeting,


‘To Skype or not to Skype’ - taking the fear out of virtual meetings

‘I have never used this technology before’; ‘How will I communicate with fellow Governors and the Chair?’; ‘I may ‘drop’ out of the meeting and can’t get back in’; just some of the thoughts around a school’s first virtual meeting...


Governance during the pandemic

As Governors, we find ourselves in a situation that is totally alien to us, one where statutory tests are being cancelled and so we are left wondering what our role is.


Tips for Governors during the Coronavirus Pandemic- COVID -19

Now more than ever we need to work together and support each other in managing the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.


The Governors' Role in Staff Performance Management

Andy Chell, NLG, shines a light on the governing board's role in staff performance management.


In-house clerks - three words of caution!

Many schools use an in-house member of staff, for example a PA, Office Manager or even School Business Manager to double up as the clerk to governors. This article explores the potential pitfalls of not using an independent clerk.