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Striking the Balance: Interesting Governance, Recruitment and Retention

Striking the balance for interesting governance, retention and recruitment

Governing boards often invest considerable energy and time into recruiting new governors. This paper suggests that with only a small part of that effort invested in retention not only will the need for recruitment be much reduced, but just as importantly, the role of governor will be enhanced and the sense of purpose and worth of those already in post greatly increased.

Getting the right people to step forward

Prospective governors are influenced by their perceptions or expectations of the role or by what they hear from people already doing it. It is very rarely an accurate understanding.

It is like any other voluntary role. If it sounds interesting, engaging and rewarding then it will attract people, but if it sounds like a lot of uninspiring work, with little recognition and a grinding administrative process, then people will think twice.

So, for me effective recruitment starts with making the role special and absorbing for those already there. It’s about a focus on working practices and ways of operating - the sort of things that would make the role highly valued and worth being part of – a role that you wouldn’t want to leave to someone else. This will help governor retention, reduce ‘churn’ and provide an engaging platform for governors to be part of.

So – effective recruitment is directly influenced by what boards do about retention and about making governance interesting!

What’s being sold

Governors mostly come in believing:

What they find

Why do governors leave

So, what can be done?



So - Think less rather than more – time – paperwork – detail


Ken Lloyd, August 2018

With due acknowledgement to the authors of wonderful articles I have read and absorbed.

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