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The Competency Framework for GovernorSpace

Recently Governors will have seen a new document  introduced called The Competency Framework. This  was issued in January 2017 by the Department for  Education but issued on a fairly low-key basis. It has not  really been discussed during Ofsted Inspections but it  is a very important document and one which is going  to be become vital to the future success of effective  governance.


The Competency Framework is a series of questions for the  entire Governing Board, Somebody on the Governing Board  and the Chair of Governors to rate themselves on. It is quite  a daunting document at first glance as there are some 6 key  areas to consider with each area broken down into sub sections.  For each area and sub area, Governors need to consider their  knowledge of the subject and also their skills and behaviours in  the area.  So, is this simply the next idea by the DfE destined to get  forgotten in a couple of years or is it actually a great tool for  self-review?  There is no doubt that it is a massive body of work for the  Governing Board. Governors will all shout that we are volunteers  and this is going to take time. This is correct, but just because  we are volunteers does not mean we should be amateurs.  Done professionally, the Competency Framework is a fantastic  document which gives Governors the chance to reflect on  their own knowledge and skills. It should not be a judgemental  document and carried out correctly will give Governors the  knowledge needed to improve to become an even more  effective Governing Board.


The 6 areas are: 

  1. Strategic Leadership
  2. Accountability
  3. People
  4. Structures
  5. Compliance
  6. Evaluation


Does this replace the skills audit?

Actually no, the skills audit and also the 20 Key Questions  (21 for Academies) are both still very useful documents to  give an overview of the skills around the table and to ensure  that Governors attract to right people. But the Competency  Framework gives a clear insight into the knowledge and  behaviours of Governors and sets a very clear outline of the  training needs.


Onto training, how can Governors complete the Competency  Framework effectively?

As I have stated, it is a big body of work; in total, there are  around 200 separate areas to consider! The easiest way is to  break it down into the 6 sections and handle each separately.  This means that each section is much more manageable.  The DfE have recognised that it is a big piece of work but a  vitally important one and they have announced a fund to train  Governors on The Framework.


Entrust are one of the providers for the training and will be  offering Governing Boards training Free of Charge early in  2018 on this subject. Training is a very important aspect of  governance which is monitored by Ofsted so it is vital that all  Governing Boards access this FOC training. If you wish to book  the training or pre-register your interest then please contact  Governor Services.



For more information please email:  governorspace@entrust-ed.co.uk

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