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Weekly DfE Publications W/C 29.10.2018

Subject knowledge enhancement (SKE): course providers


This guidance is for School Direct lead schools and ITT providers who are allocated training places in:

SKE courses can be provided by School Direct partnerships, ITT providers or third parties.

School teachers' pay and conditions

Statutory guidance

This statutory guidance is for:

It relates to local-authority-maintained schools in England and Wales.

Standards for official statistics published by DfE


Topics covered include:

Staffing and employment: advice for schools


This guidance applies to maintained schools and academies in England.

It is for:

It will help with managing staffing and employment issues, and making decisions. It replaces the statutory guidance from 2009, ‘Guidance on managing staff in schools’.

National professional qualifications (NPQs): list of providers


The list shows providers of the following qualifications:

Equality and diversity school leadership projects


These schools have obtained a grant to help them increase the diversity of senior leadership teams in England’s schools.

This information is for:

School resource management self-assessment tool


The tool helps assure governing bodies and trust boards that they are meeting the standards to achieve a good level of financial health and resource management.

It can be used to identify areas for change to make sure resources are used to support high-quality teaching and the best education outcomes for pupils.

The tool consists of a checklist and a dashboard.

The checklist asks questions of governing bodies and trust boards in 6 areas of resource management.

The dashboard shows how a school’s data compares to thresholds on a range of statistics that have been identified by the Department for Education as indicators of good resource management and outcomes.

LA and school expenditure: 2016 to 2017 financial year

Official Statistics

A summary of data from the consistent financial reporting and S251 outturn surveys covering:

Provider and local authority tables

Statistical data set

Further education and schools learner participation breakdowns by local authority.

Other statistics and research

Statistical data set

Other statistics published alongside the further education and skills statistics publications.

Apprenticeships and traineeships data

Statistical data set

This statistical data set provides information on apprenticeships through a number of reports broken down by a number of measures including starts, achievements, and participation figures. These tables also include additional learner information such as:

Further education and skills data

Statistical data set

This includes information on learners who are studying on a course at a further education college, learners studying courses within their local community, employees undertaking an apprenticeship, and employees undertaking other qualifications in the workplace.

Apprenticeships in England by industry characteristics

Official Statistics

Data from the Individualised Learner Record (ILR) and the Inter-Departmental Business Register (IDBR) have been matched. This allows information about apprentices to be linked to business information about their employers, covering:

These experimental statistics relate to the five academic years between 2012 to 2013 and 2016 to 2017. This is the first publication of the 2015 to 2016 and 2016 to 2017 figures.

Equality and diversity

Statistical data set

Participation and success rates of apprentices and adult learners by ethnicity, gender, disabilities and age.

Apprenticeship vacancies archive

Statistical data set

This statistical data set provides information through a number of reports on the number of apprenticeship vacancies and traineeship opportunities.

Apprenticeship and levy statistics: October 2018

Official Statistics

This publication provides headline experimental statistics on the use of the apprenticeship service. These include apprenticeship service account registrations (ASAs) and numbers of commitments (reported to September 2018), where an apprentice who is expected to go on to start has been recorded in the system.

Additionally, monthly apprenticeship starts information (reported to date) covering the full 2017 to 2018 academic year are also presented. These figures are still provisional and are subject to revision. Finalised monthly apprenticeship starts data covering the full 2017 to 2018 academic year will be published next month.

TSM and initial teacher training allocations: 2019 to 2020

Official Statistics

Information on the teacher supply model (TSM) together with a methodological annex.

The statistics also include allocations of new initial teacher training (ITT) entrant places to schools and training providers for the 2019 to 2020 academic year.

FE Choices employer satisfaction survey: 2017 to 2018

Official Statistics

The survey brings together employers’ perceptions on:

The scores calculated for each college or training organisation allow for performance comparisons to be made against:

Ready reckoner and transition matrices for 16 to 18


Use the ready reckoner to calculate level 3 value-added results.

The transition matrices spreadsheet shows data for the subjects included in the level 3 value-added measure.

Apprenticeships in England by industry sector

Research and analysis

A research factsheet and a list of tables providing information on apprenticeships.

Teachers analysis compendium 4

Official Statistics

The report gives an analysis on expanding supply initiatives, such as subject knowledge enhancement (SKE) courses and teacher subject specialism training (TSST). This is together with analysis on:

School organisation: local-authority-maintained schools

Statutory guidance

These documents are for:

They describe opening, closing, or making school organisation changes to local-authority-maintained schools.

They set out how you can make those changes, and the areas where you must follow a statutory process.

Making significant changes to an existing academy


Guidance and application forms for academies wishing to make major changes to their school (eg expanding, merging with another academy, or changing the school’s age range or faith).

The guidance document sets out the process you’ll need to follow, and explains which application form you should complete.

New school proposals

Transparency data

Lists of local authorities seeking academy and free school proposers, and of all academies and free schools already set up.

Department for Education: Care Leaver Covenant offer

Policy paper

Pledges made by the Department for Education as part of the Care Leaver Covenant.

Asbestos management assurance process (AMAP) user guide


The AMAP meets the department’s commitments set out in the March 2015 review of asbestos management in schools, enhancing scrutiny on those responsible for managing asbestos in schools.

Further education: flexible learning fund


The £11.4 million fund supports projects to encourage more people to take part in new training or courses that will help them progress in current employment or secure a new job.

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