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Weekly DfE Publications - W/C 11/06/2018

Labour market information (LMI): 2016 to 2017 data

The technical, stakeholder engagement and data development services report includes information on:

LMI for All is an open data project, which supports the wider government agenda to encourage use and re-use of government datasets.

Multi-academy trusts: establishing and developing your trust

The good practice guide gives advice on what regional schools commissioners look for when they assess and approve:

See also how to convert to an academy and how to become an academy sponsor.

The MAT resources lists a selection of support and guidance for MATs wishing to establish and develop their trusts.

Both items give guidance on developing a successful trust, including advice on:

Approaches to preventing and tackling bullying

Qualitative research to understand anti-bullying practices schools have found effective.

These include approaches to tackling bullying generally and more specific types of bullying, for example:

The report contains common themes found throughout the research and 7 case studies. It’s intended to be used as a resource by schools and other stakeholders looking for examples of anti-bullying practices.

Longitudinal study of young people in England: cohort 2, wave 1

This research report is based on the responses of the second group of 12-year olds to be involved in the ‘Longitudinal study of young people in England’ (LSYPE2).

Longitudinal study of young people in England: cohort 2, wave 2

A summary of responses from a sample of 14-year olds involved in the second ‘Longitudinal study of young people in England’ (LSYPE2).

The research covers their:

The report on bullying sets out bullying rates in year 10 in 2014 and covers:

The ‘Estimates of bullying’ document shows the difference between the proportion of young people who reported bullying in the first LSYPE study (from 2005) and in LSYPE2. 

Longitudinal study of young people in England: cohort 2, wave 3

This research brief is based on data from the second Longitudinal Study of Young People in England (LSYPE2).

In 2015, LSYPE2 interviewed 10,010 15-year olds in year 11. The report provides:

FE Commissioner-led structure and prospects appraisals (SPA)

This guidance is for all members of a college governing body. It applies to:

It is about how FE institutions can consider a commissioner-led SPA if they think they may need to restructure to ensure their college maintains financial sustainability to deliver high-quality education.

Tailored support programme: system leaders support

The Tailored Support Programme has been running since January 2018, providing support to schools with recruitment and retention challenges.

An essential element to the programme is the deployment of system leaders (usually National Leaders of Education or equivalent) with experience in providing strategic support to schools and dealing with teacher supply issues.

More system leaders are required in some areas of the country from September 2018.

The DfE are inviting applications from system leaders to work with schools in the following areas:

Academy conversion: important dates

These documents explain the deadlines for schools wanting to open as an academy in a chosen month.

Teaching schools and system leadership: reports

The number of system leaders working in and across schools in the United Kingdom.

Apprenticeship and levy statistics: June 2018

This publication provides headline official statistics on the use of the apprenticeship service. These include apprenticeship service account registrations (ASAs) and numbers of commitments (reported to April 2018), where an apprentice who is expected to go on to start has been recorded in the system.

Additionally, monthly apprenticeship starts information for the first eight months of the 2017 to 2018 academic year are also presented (reported to March 2018).

Secondary and primary school application and offers: 2018

This report details:

The report is based on:

Opportunity areas grant: S31 grant determination and letters

These letters sent to local authorities:

The opportunity areas programme aims to improve social mobility outcomes for children and young people in 12 deprived areas of the country.

National Leaders of Governance for further education: guidance

Guidance on the role of National Leaders of Governance (NLGs) in supporting college improvement. It includes information on:

Use the form to apply for the programme. Serving governors and clerks at further education (FE) colleges are eligible to apply.

Free schools: open schools and successful applications

Details of all schools in the free school programme including:

It includes local authorities running a competition to open new special free schools (one school in each local authority).

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