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Weekly DfE Publications - W/C 28/05/2018

Basic need allocations

Basic need funding is the money given to local authorities each year to help them fulfil their duty to ensure there are enough school places for children in their local area.

The allocations announced in 2018 will allow local authorities to create the new school places they need by September 2021.

SEND provision capital funding for pupils with EHC plans

How much special provision funding local authorities will receive from 2018 to 2021, and guidance on requirements to access the fund.

Early years census 2019: guide

This guide is to help local authorities and early years providers, who receive direct government funding, prepare and return the 2019 early years census.

It includes:

Basic maths Centres for Excellence: application

The Department for Education invites institutions to apply to become Centres for Excellence for basic maths.

The programme will provide grant funding to build teaching capacity and spread best practice on what works to improve basic maths for learners over the age of 16 with low prior attainment. This will be through trialling pedagogical approaches and sharing this expertise across the post-16 sector.

Reducing teacher workload

Information on the government’s policy to help remove unnecessary workload for teachers.

The reducing teacher workload action plan sets out the steps that will be taken following the findings from the teacher workload survey 2016.

The DfE protocol was developed in response to the 2014 workload challenge survey. It sets out our commitment to:

Find, join or create a network for school business professionals

This guide describes how business professionals working in schools can join or create a school business professional network. Networks help professionals to connect and share information.

The school business professional networks directory includes groups that provide peer-to-peer support to help with a broad range of work-related activity, including buying for schools.

You can find potential networks by regional schools commissioner (RSC) region. Inclusion in the directory does not constitute a recommendation by the Department for Education.

Good estate management for schools: tools

You need a variety of skills, processes and policies to help you run the organisation’s estates.

These tools will help you:

Teachers' pension scheme payments: 2017 to 2018

Teachers’ pension scheme payments are routine daily cash transfers to Capita to fund the payments it makes to pensioners and others on behalf of DfE.

Institute for Apprenticeships: strategic guidance 2018 to 2019

This document explains the purpose of the Institute for Apprenticeships. It provides directions for the Institute to consider when carrying out its duties to ensure quality apprenticeships and technical education reform.

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